Carolanne teaches hand sewing and stitching classes at the workroom in Toronto, Ontario. Currently on her teaching roster are Intro to Handwork, Star Sampler, Applique Banner, Sashiko, Visible Mending, and Whole Cloth Quilt. Carolanne teaches sewing the way she was taught: from another woman, drinking tea, and talking about life.

You could say that Carolanne is a champion of hand work. Doing things slowly is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you spend that much time with a piece of work, you impart so much on your fabric. People are more inclined to accept imperfections in their work, and sometimes in themselves too.
In Carolanne’s classes, students spend several weeks together making real connections. Since there’s no shifting back and forth from machines to the table, bonds form as they sit and tell stories, share food, fabric and time with each other. People pass through at the top of their game and others are coping with change, loss and grief. The collection of people with their creative energy shapes the outcome of every piece in the class. Our lives, at any given time, are reflected in each stitch.

All of Carolanne’s classes teach students different techniques and what she hopes are many different ways to tell their own stories.

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